Why does the filters not working though testing is succesful?

I made zaps for thrive leads and kartra. The testing is fine (test email where on kartra as per the zaps actions) yet upon filling out the thrive lead forms (I tried both published and unpublished) no emails were reflected to kartra. I believe this is on the filter because the thrive lead name group is wrong upon generation of matched items. What should be done regarding this matter?


Thank you.



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Hi @birds,

Something that I would try as a next step is to grab new data and manually test it to see what it would do with the new data you submitted. I am not sure if you are using the same data or not or if you have tried this yet.


This is how you can pull new data from the trigger: here

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Hi @birds 

Check your Zap Runs history details to see the DATA IN/OUT for each step in a triggered Zap: