Url to PDF to replace Google Print

  • 8 April 2021
  • 4 replies

Our invoices are sent via a URL link and I would like to convert the url link into a PDF and save within Google drive.


I used Google Print to print a URL to pdf and then saved it within a folder but Google Print has shut down. 


Does anyone have a work around or solution for me?

4 replies

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Also @tbrew , You can do a “Find & Replace” step with that URL if you want it in any other format.

For example, you could find the “=pdf” and replace it with “=png” and you would then be given the file in png format. 

It’s just a neat little trick we found when dealing with PDF exports with that google URL, that “Format=X” is actually a very flexible exporting option. :wink:

Perfect, thanks everyone for your help!


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Hi @tbrew 

To elaborate on what @XRayTech mentioned, similarly when you upload a file to GDrive then do a Find File search step and you can get the generated PDF version of the file.



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Hi @tbrew,

Depending on the type of link you may be able to upload the url directly to google drive.