Shared Drive not accessible by Google Docs automation

  • 9 April 2021
  • 2 replies

I’ve tried pasting the Google Shared Drive folder ID into the Custom field in the Google Docs automation as suggested in these help threads, but it doesn’t work. 

Below are screenshots of the drive URL in question and the error message I receive.





2 replies

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Hi there,

Could you describe what actions are you trying to connect?

Often if it is a Team Drive, you might have problems connecting to it.

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Also I found this response from before. It might be a Team drive issue. 


Hi @Putty and @markae1884,

If you’re using the Google Docs integration it’s true that creating documents in team drives is not yet supported. Depending what you’re trying to do you could consider using Google Drive instead (like the Create File from Text action, for example).

You can see in my Zap that this is an option:

And it’s one of the drives that shared with me:

I’m not sure if your particular workflows would be able to take advantage of this workaround, but Team Drives are definitely supported in Google Drive.

We have an open feature request for adding Team Drive support in Google Docs and I have added both of you to it.