Possible to use New Read Receipt trigger for emails sent by Outlook?

  • 29 July 2021
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Hi All,

Zapier offers a fantastic integration called “New read receipt”. It helps you track what email is opened.

If you pair this with excel and some python script you can get pretty good data.


The only issue I have with this is, it only works with “Send outbound Email” (Email by Zapier). After testing and configuring the Zap. I moved it to production where it sends multiple emails. I noticed that all of my zaps have been throttled.


After doing some digging I found out “Send outbound Email” (Email by Zapier) can only send 10 emails per hour. This restriction does not help me achieving my goal.


Is there a way to fix the throttling to allow users to send more emails?

Can we add read receipt in outlook and use the New read receipt zap?

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You can defintely write to Zapier and request they up that 10 limit (you can open a ticket here:, however I expect that limit is in place to stop people using Zapier to build spam machines.

As for adding read receipt functionality to other email app intergrations, it will very much depend on what their APIs support - it’s not something Zapier can just add themselves.