Map variable list of values from single text field to multiple fields in CRM

  • 21 September 2021
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We have a set of data in our source that is only present if it is chosen and is a list of values in a text string.

As an example, the customer can choose Add-Ons (Add On 1, Add On 2, Add On 3, etc.). 

If the user chooses Add on 2, Add On 3), what is shown in the API is the field Id values for those 2 fields in one field (i.e. 4127, 4136). Any values not chosen are not listed.

We are trying to map this to our CRM, so if the field is present, mark it TRUE in CRM. So when we see 4127 we know this is Add On 2 and therefore in CRM mark Add On 2 as True.

Seems this is probably a multi-step process, but not quite clear on how to do it.

Any direction is appreciated.

2 replies

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Hi @ZinZap 

How many Add-On possibilities are there?

If only a few, you could possibly have separate Zaps with Filters or 1 Zap with Paths to handle the conditions.




You could use a Code step to determine if the Add-Ons are present then set True/False for each and map those output T/F to the CRM fields.

NOTE: This is an advanced approach.


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Hi @ZinZap ,


I have a solution for this, but you have to be good at coding. You can easily solve your problem by writing a Javascript code.