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Mailchimp > 'Link Clicked In Mailchimp' > no links found in campaign

I created a Mailchimp > 'Link Clicked In Mailchimp' trigger. 


To set up the trigger, one needs to feed Zapier a Campaign, and a Link in said campaign.


The Campaign is found, but no Links are found in said campaign. What could be wrong?


The only issue can think of is that email in the campaign is html, and isn’t generated from a Mailchimp Template.


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 May 2022, 19:21

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Hi @ericstralow 

Good question.

I believe the email campaign needs to first be sent before Mailchimp generates the links that are available to select in the Zap step configuration.

Try sending a sample email to yourself first to preview, then refresh the Zap Editor to see if the Links are available to select.

Thanks, but sending myself an email preview didn’t change anything.


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Did you send a preview or an actual email?


I’m not aware of a way to send a test email to myself in mailchimp in a different way w/o changing the audience and setting the email live… which isn’t a viable solution.

IE: I used this feature.


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Maybe try this…

Use a dummy Mailchimp campaign to test this out.

Configure and send and send a Mailchimp Campaign, then try to configure the Zap.

You may have to send the Mailchimp Campaign before those links are available to select in the Zap.

If that’s the case, then you’ll have to setup a Zap template to quickly configure and push live, once your real MC Campaign is sent.

So the link was found after the new test email was sent, but yeah… it looks one would need to hit send and then quickly configure the Zap once the link was findable.

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I think that’s because Mailchimp doesn’t generate the links until the Campaign is sent.

Kinda of a quirk but usable still.