How would you query a digest before release?

Hi there,

I would like to re-post the top 3 emoji’d slack messages once a week. 

Is there a way to query a digest so it only releases it if the it’s one of the top most reacted posts for that week? 




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Hi @zcbttp0

Not sure Digest is going to be the right app for your use case.

Perhaps consider using Airtable to log all the reacted posts.

Then you can use the Airtable API to just pull the Top 3 for a given time range:

App API’s can be leveraged with a Webhooks step in a Zap:

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Hi @zcbttp0!

I think you could use a Zap to trigger on slack reactions, then the Storage app to increment the value by 1 each time for that message ID, then adding to Google Sheets. Then use this technique to only show the top 3 results in a worksheet. 

Since you have to search for something in order to find rows, you could use any keyword you want, like this (I used top3): 

Hope that helps point you in the right direction!