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GoogleSheet List -> Message to Slack Channel; more than one lookup value

  • 19 November 2021
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Hi Zapier-Community! 

I hope you guys can you give me some advice on this one: 

I have a list of names in a Google Sheet which gets updated 2x per week. So, I want to send all these names of this list after it got updated to a slack-channel. So, the trigger is “scheduled by zapier”. (not ideal as I want to send it twice per week (wednesday and friday), however, my question is another).

To accomplish my goal of sending all these names of the list to a slack channel: I used as action “google Sheets - lookup spreadsheat row in google sheets” which leads me to my problem: in this action, it is required to name a “lookup value”; however, my lookup value is a list of names; and this list changes - but not completly! There are in total 30 names, but on the list can appear 20, or 10, or 15 of these 30 names. However, I just want to send all the names of the list (the ones which appear on the list) to a slack channel as a messeage (each name in the list = 1 message). 

Do you have any advice how I do that? It seems so simple, however, with the current action it does not work as I want… What am I missing? 

Thank you in advance!


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Hi @Buchhaltung 

Check out this related topic:


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It’s been a while so I expect @Buchhaltung has already got this sorted. But thought I’d pop in here anyway to recommend using Looping by Zapier to run through each of the names and send them a Slack message.

We have some helpful guides and articles on how to work with Looping by Zapier which may be useful in setting this up: