Google Tasks created in Google Spaces do not trigger New Task

  • 13 October 2021
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Our company uses Google Spaces  (was called Rooms, located in Gmail) for keeping track of smaller projects specifically to assign Google Tasks to one another and be able to see if the task has been completed and or chat about it in the Google Spaces area.  


Tasks assigned to me in the spaces group appear in “My Tasks” but do not seem fire the trigger for New Task?? Any ideas how to make this happen or to connect these two areas?


3 replies

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The Google Tasks Zap triggers are NOT instant, so depending on your Zap plan it can take from 1-15 minutes for the Zap to fire.

Check your Zap Runs after waiting some time to see if the Zap eventually fired:,



Hi Troy,

It doesn’t appear to be a timing issue, other tasks added (after the spaces task) are pulling into sample data just fine. For some reason the “spaces” tasks will appear in individual task list “My Tasks” but either secretly have another list reference that I can not access or are not triggering as a new task for some reason.  Spaces and assigning tasks to other team members is fairly new to Gmail so trying to do some searching on how to add a zap that generates a spaces task (benefit here is that it is visible to the team to see if it has been completed etc)

Small company: Ideally what I’m going for is a zap based on “sold estimate email alert”… that sets a task in the “space/group” for “Bob: the Order Parts”

the team can see when/if Bob has completed the task and adjust needs or add chat comments in the “Room” ie: “parts on backorder, call to reschedule” or see that the task has been completed by Bob so job goes forward as planned

It’s easy enough to do directly into Bob’s Tasks (Rooms/Spaces is the tricky part here) but the team can’t see if Bob completed the task or not if it is directly into Tasks - like I said small company so not a ton of people or things but getting some visibility of everyone’s tasks would be huge and ideally within GSuite that everyone already uses.

Thx !

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Might be worth opening a ticket with Zapier Support for further guidance:


How Can I Trigger On All Google Tasks?

The "new task" trigger requires a specific Google Tasks list. In order to trigger on all Google Tasks you'll need to create a Zap for each Google Tasks list you have.

If Google provides a way to grab all tasks we'll implement a trigger that works on all tasks without having to select a specific list.