Google Slides Template Dynamic URL

  • 13 October 2021
  • 3 replies

I send invoice using google slides. I want to use my url like that ({{valor}}), to have dinamic price , but editor change the url to this (, and is not working. Any suggestion how to send dinamic url to my custmers? Maybe some HTML code...

3 replies

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Hi @Proteusbr

You can create a value using a combo of a static value and a dynamic variable in 1 field.

For example:[VARIABLE]

HI, @Troy Tessalone 

Thank your for help. If I use ([{{valor4}}]), editor dont chenge the link, zapier can find the variable, but print ( and dont print the value (500 for exemple).

I have a form, which collects the data I need from the customer. Then I send it to the zapier, which assembles the invoice on google slides and sends a PDF via webhook to whatsapp. Now I need to send a link with the calculated value.