Google Sheets to Hubspot - not all columns found


I’m creating a Zap to import from Google Sheets into Hubspot.

It’s all fine, except Zapir only seems to find 5 columns in the sheet - I have 6 (and maybe need more infuture).

Is this a hard limit or has something gone wrong for me?


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Hi @Siama 

Check out these help articles for how to structure your GSheet to work with Zaps:

And make sure you’ve selected a trigger example that has data for all the fields:

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Hi @Siama like Troy said, the Google Sheet needs to be structured a certain way to work with Zapier (Row 1 needs to be headers, and the data is in the rows below).


Additionally, Zapier traditionally isn’t built for import/export of existing data, it’s more for moving new data as it enters one app, and sending that data to another app. I.e. when you add a new row to your Google Sheet, the Zap sends that data to Hubspot. More on this here:


That said, we do have a beta version of a tool called “Transfer” that is built for import/export - here’s the link if you wanted to try that: