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Emoji Reacts in threads

  • 12 February 2021
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Hi folks, 

I’m trying to use emoji reacts as a trigger for a zap. It works in all scenarios, except for one where I need it to trigger on reacji’s on messages within a thread. When I test it, it works but in action it returns the last message in the channel (not the message in the thread with the emoji reaction). Is this a limitation to the trigger?


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Hi @Vithunamas 

Threads are not currently support for emoji reactions.


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Hi @Vithunamas!

You’re exactly right on this one, there’s a known issue where you can trigger from a reactji in a thread, but you’ll get back the original message and not the threaded message. 

I've added you as an affected user on the issue report, which lets the team know how many users have been affected and also means that we will send you an email if we have an update on this.

Hi Zapier team and lovers,

We have the same issue.

Reacting with Emoji is a very easy way to respond. We implemented an Emoji based appreciation workflow and deployed in our company slack recently. Team members started using it much more often than I expected.

I think people who use a workflow with “New reaction added” trigger are all affected since reacting emoji in a thread is a very common situation.

Fixing the problem soon would be very much appreciated.

Thank you


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Hi @Psychic VR Lab

Thanks for your message, and I’m sorry that this bug is causing trouble with your Slack workflows! We know that it’s a pretty common use case - it’s one that some of our teams use here at Zapier so we know how frustrating it is that it’s not working. 


I don’t have an estimate of when it will be fixed, but we will definitely update this thread when it is. 

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Please add me as well (if not already, I might have sent a bug report earlier)

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Hey @jphorn, I just checked the list and we’ve got you added! We’ll be sure to notify you as soon as we have a solution. :)

I have the same issue. Please add me to affected list

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Hi @Genkush!

I've gone ahead and added you to the list of affected users. We’ll send you an email notification when the issue has been resolved.

Can you please add me to the list as well?


Very frustrating bug… seems it’s been an issue for over a year now with no solution… Is this even being worked on? Or is it just sitting in a queue? 

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Thanks for reaching out, @brandonrichard! You’ve been added to the list of affected users. While we don’t have a definitive time frame at this time, I can assure your feedback has been heard. We’ll be sure to keep you and this thread updated as soon as we know more. 

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Hey everybody,

I’m excited to tell you that this bug is now fixed. React to a message in a thread and the message returned will be the one you reacted to, not the one at the top of the thread.

We use a ton of Slack-based workflows in our own work here, and we’re very excited that this is working again!