Create New Contact in Vincere - error parsing response

  • 18 June 2021
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Hey, I have a similar “<!DOCTYPE html>” error.

I want to make the Zap: When a new contact gets added to Active Campaign or Meetovo it will also be directly added to Vincere.

Following error occurs:

Additional Pictures:



I would really appreciate quick help!




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4 replies

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Hi @Jan-Luetje Thoden 

To troubleshoot, you may have to try process of elimination to try to isolate which data point is causing the error.

Help Article:

If you need further assistance, consider opening a ticket with Zapier Support:

Hey, I already tried process of elimination.. the error also occurrs when I only fill out the required fields “Last_name” and “Company_name”.


It is also a bit confusing, that the error shows up in the field “Contact_source”, even before I test the Zap. The error occurs in the field “Contact_source”, no matter what data I put in there, also if I leave the field empty.


I will also open a support ticket.

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Hey @Jan-Luetje Thoden this looks like it could be an issue with the zap itself. Have you tried contacting Vincere’s support team - This type of response tells us that it’s loading a webpage instead of making a server side request, as it should, and it would only do that if your credentials are incorrect, or typically when there’s a bug.



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Hi there @Jan-Luetje Thoden! It looks like you were able to get this resolved based on the support emails with my teammates! 🙂Was there anything specific that helped get your zap working?