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Create a new Google Doc and embed a photo from various photo sources (Google photos, screenshots, etc.)

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Just like the subject line reads, I’m trying to save “saved” photos (Google photos, screenshots, etc.) to a Google Doc such that I can then comment on it, take notes, etc. That is, I’m not trying to merely upload the photo to Google Drive, I’m trying to use the photo as a trigger to first create the Google Doc, then embed itself within the Google Doc. Too easy, right?  :)

An example might be taking a photo of my journal. Zapier would shoot that photo to a Google Doc where I could then voice type some additional notes/thoughts, etc.

I realize Evernote probably does this in super easy fashion, but I’m trying to keep everything in G Suite so I’m not searching across multiple platforms. 

Anyhow, more why than you probably needed, but that’s what I’m trying to do.

Any help would be super cool!



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Hi @evilsizor!

Thanks for the thorough explanation. What you’re looking to do is almost possible. The missing piece is that the Google Docs Create Document from Template action doesn’t support inline images. We have an existing feature request and I’ve added your vote for it. We also can’t send hyperlinks via that action (another feature request, added your vote to it).

The closest I can come is to add the text for the link to that image in Google Drive (I’m not 100% sure if Google Photos shows up in Drive) and then once it’s in the doc I can do a couple of things to get the image:


Select the link, make it into a proper hyperlink, then I can click on it and drag the image that appears, into the document. Not sure if this helps you out but I had fun figuring out a neat little workflow that might help someone else :)

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Hi @evilsizor!

I'm checking in with you here, since I don’t see a response to the message that I’d sent you. Have you managed to resolve things or did you still need help here? Please let us know :)