Update trigger for Resource-based CLI integration

  • 30 July 2020
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Currently our integration has a single trigger for when a new row is added to a Coda data table. Our users have sensibly asked for a trigger for when a given row is updated, as well. Our integration is built using the CLI, and we use Resources to define the endpoints for our entities. I don't currently see a way to create an update trigger using a Resource. Am I just missing something?

Our "list" Row resource entry returns recent rows with unique ids. I would have expected that if we added a "get" entry and key it by id + updateTimestamp this would be sufficient to generate an update trigger. But it looks like "get"s are not used for triggers at all, and are merely used to do a followup fetch for entity details (there is no official documentation about what a "get" even does, I found this on StackOverflow).

We could change the "list" entry to return items keyed by id + updateTimestamp, but that would cause this trigger to fire undesirably for users who only want actions for truly new rows. We want both triggers but for them to be separate--one for new rows and one for updated rows. Is there a way to do this within a Resource definition? If not, is there a way to do this with an explicit trigger definition? Will explicit triggers conflict with implicit triggers generated from Resources?


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Would it work to change the "list" entry to return items keyed by id + updateTimestamp and then apply a filter so it didn’t trigger undesirably?