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QUESTION I am building a custom integration in zapier. How to convert a zapier key to a more readable key automatically like how typeform does when integrating their app

  • 28 November 2023
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We are building an integration for our platform “Magicform: which is a form builder software.

For example when configuring the trigger. A sample form-response is obtained by zapier for allowing the user to test their integration. When the sample response is received it contains fields like `field_adf67asf9` so that it remains reusable for further responses of the same form.

But when I was taking a look at how “Typeform” does it. It makes those unreadable keys to readable form by replacing those keys `field_adf67asf9` with the actual question. How can i do the same. 

For more context refer the following image


On further inspecting the API calls this is what I was able to see. That is the fields are being converted to a more readable form by replacing the “key” with the “actual question”. How to do it


            "key": "field_wAkjqnVCleUw",

            "type": "decimal",

            "label": "Net Promote Score :- How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?",

            "custom_field": true,

            "zap_meta_sample": 10,

            "score": -0.2,

            "subscore": 0.0



            "key": "field_CPJamjoh9dxn",

            "type": "string",

            "label": "Hey there. We're working on building a new analytics tool. We'd love to get your input to help us make it great.",

            "custom_field": true,

            "zap_meta_sample": "+918123456789",

            "score": -0.2,

            "subscore": 0.0




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Hi @Magicform Team 

The topic should be posted in the Developer Discussion section.



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Okay, I will post them in “Developer Discussion”


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Hello There, Good day to you!
I expected the Zapier team to know the answer, anyway, there is no point in dwelling on the past.

Anyone who is facing similar problem this is for you.

You can achieve this with the help of Zapier-CLI.
First of all if you have Platform UI application migrate it to Platform CLI & you need to develop it locally or you can create a zapier app from scratch using zapier-cli. The Zapier-CLI enables us to have more control over our custom integration.

Refer this

Jumping right to the main point you need to modify the outputFields