How to give friendly labels to dynamic output fields

  • 29 November 2023
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I am building an integration for our app Magicform which is a form builder service.

When integrating using our trigger a form response is fetched by zapier & the data looks like this.


We would like to convert that `Field 272 D 5140……….` to a more readable form by replacing it with the “Question title” while still referencing the field_id, so that even if the “Question title” changes data field won’t break bcz it is referencing the same field_id.

We can change the field_id to “Question title” but it would break when the “Question title” changes.

I got to know how to do it but here the fields are static for example “author__id” and so on but our fields are dynamic and are different for every form question “field_c34a23cf-5a98-4bc1-9126-223312ce9b9f”

Solution :-

For reference you can see how other integrations are doing like “Typeform, Quickbooks, Google” triggers provide friendly names for their fields. See the following image for reference

Thank You :)

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1 reply

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Hello There, Good day to you!
I expected the Zapier Support Team to know the answer, anyway, there is no point in dwelling on the past.

Anyone who is facing similar problem this is for you.

You can achieve this with the help of Zapier-CLI.
First of all if you have Platform UI application migrate it to Platform CLI & you need to develop it locally or you can create a zapier app from scratch using zapier-cli. The Zapier-CLI enables us to have more control over our custom integration.

Refer this

Jumping right to the main point you need to modify the outputFields