Dynamic field value not getting populated based on other input

  • 25 June 2021
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I encountered an issue where a dynamic field is not getting populated because the inputData value that is passed as a parameter in the call does not give me the right value. The value is needed the retrieve the fields that are available for a specific form and are passed like this:

zapier/leads/fields/create/' + bundle.inputData.form_id.


I also tried it by rebuilding the route and giving the value as a parameter in the call, but that doesn’t work either. If I fill in the form_id manually it does retrieve the right values, but when I get a value from another zapier application like Google Sheets it returns the raw value like “{{125839611__COL$A}}”. I already read the topic here, where it says that it actually was a bug in zapier:

However, this topic does not say whether a solution has been found or give a workaround for the problem. I just cannot imagine that this is just a bug we have to live with, because it’s actually the whole point of using dynamic fields I guess..


Can someone help me with a solution or workaround please? 

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