Job hunting? Automation can help.

  • 9 December 2020
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Job hunting? Automation can help.
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Hey, folks! I’m Janine, one of the editors of the Zapier blog. 

You’re on the Zapier site, so you probably already know at least a little bit about automation and how it can help you with tasks in your apps, but I wanted to share a little about what automation can do for you, if you, like many people, are thinking about your next job opportunity.

First, automation is a valuable skill, as we learned in our summer Job Seekers Report, where about 70 percent of people looking for a job thought automation skills could help them land their next gig.

But automation can also help you with the more practical, hands-on parts of find your next position.

Writer Krystina Martinez put together a guide earlier this year on ways to use automation to ease a job search. It includes tips on creating a database of jobs you’re applying to, tracking applications, managing your to-do list, building specific skills, and promoting yourself on LinkedIn.

We published a follow-up last month on streamlining job sources in an RSS feed so no matter where you are finding job postings, you only need to check one place to review all of them.



1 reply

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oh, Janine! Have you heard of ApplyPass to automate job applications? I hear they only work with engineers at the moment 😕 but I’m sure they’ll open it up to everyone else someday!