Zaps stopped appearing in my embedded page after an error occurred on a zap

  • 22 April 2024
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I got an error on a zap today after because i entered an invalid email while creating a ticket on my app. (this zap was connected to Hubspot)

i was just entering dummy data for testing purposes and since that error happened no zaps are showing in the page on my app where i embedded the full zapier experience even though when i go to this page in apier developer dashboard

i can see the zaps created on my zapier account i am logged in too

so what i need to know is, is the error that happened as i mentioned above the reason why my zaps isn't showing on my embed zapier page even though i actually deleted the zap that had that error ? And how to solve this please ?

Another thing I've created a zap and published it and it keeps running the test step on its own  

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