Upload New RSS Feed Items to Dropbox

  • 27 July 2022
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I am having difficulty getting new items in an RSS Feed to upload to an existing folder in my Dropbox account. I have setup the “New Item in Feed in RSS by Zapier” and that trigger has tested successfully. I believe the trouble I am having lies in the action portion. For app, I have selected Dropbox. for Event, I have selected Upload File. I have then logged in successfully to my Dropbox account. I have pointed the action to a specific, existing folder in my Dropbox account. Under file, I am not sure what to put here. I have tried a few variations, but none have worked successfully. A file actually gets uploaded to Dropbox in the proper folder, but it will not open and I don’t believe it is the proper file. When I attempt to open the file in Dropbox, it says something about the file extension not being recognized.

5 replies

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Hey there, @dougf! Thanks for reaching out - sorry to hear you’re running into this. 

Do you mind sharing a few screenshots of your trigger and action setup? And the error you’re seeing in Dropbox when you try to open the file. That might help the Community troubleshoot a bit with ya. 

Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with you! 🙂

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I have attached a few screenshots as requested. Another audio file has been added to the RSS Feed and this time it was not uploaded to Dropbox at all so I cannot provide a screenshot of that error.


Hi @dougf ,

Thank you for sending the screenshots! I see you have added a file extension in the Zap setup, but could you make sure the link you mapped is downloadable and publicly accessible? 

You can find the requirements for working with files in Zapier here:

I’d also take a look at this help doc for working with Dropbox:

Keep us posted 🙂

The link is both downloadable and publicly accessible. I have some other questions about the links that were sent, but maybe it would be best to make sure Zapier will do what I am wanting first.

We have many podcasters who post new content to their podcast periodically (daily, weekly or monthly). We have access to the RSS feed URL for each of these podcasts. What our digital media team has asked me to do is that every time the podcasters posts new content to the podcasts, they would like it (the audio file) to upload to a pre-defined folder in our Dropbox account. Is this possible. If so, I will post back with additional. If not, please let me know and I will look elsewhere.

I ask this question because if I go through the Zapier Zap creation and test the action that I created, a file (although currently unusable) is created in the proper folder in Dropbox. If I drop content into the podcast that I am testing on, nothing happens in Dropbox at all.

I am brand new to Zapier, so I apologize for my lack of clarity as to what it can and cannot do, but I am eager to learn, create a paid account and use it a lot if it will do what we need.


Thank you for sharing that @dougf 

I get where you’re coming from!

As long as the file in the trigger meets the requirements for using files in Zapier, it should work. But if it’s not doing that, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team through the contact form:

They should be able to figure out why this is not happening 🙂