Response to the Source from Zap with Webhook Trigger

  • 24 July 2020
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Hi guys, when i have a zap of more than 1 step, and the trigger is Webhooks by Zapier with Catch Hook. When i send the response to the webhook, it provides back to the source this kind of payload response


{"id": "548299ef-bb3a-4769-885a-fb001407c049", "request_id": "5f197542-b118-4fe9-9b45-f1e10b4ac710", "attempt": "5f197542-b118-4fe9-9b45-f1e10b4ac710", "status": "success"}


Is there a way that the connection of the Zap is kept alive and rather than providing the response up, it provides the response of the last step of the Zap?


Thank you,


3 replies

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Hi @ahmedmohamed,

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Catch Hook would respond immediately after receiving the request so you won’t be able to do what you’re asking for.

Thanks Ikbel, so keep connection alive, is not really an option in Zapier? is there a workaround?

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@ahmedmohamed - Zapier doesn’t work in Request-Response fashion. So, you’d need to store the results somewhere where it’s possible retrieve them later with a second request.