Is there a way to connect  developer docusign account (  with zapier.
Let me know the possible solution

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Hi @Waqar Ahmad - Not sure what you would like to do exactly but Docusign is already available on Zapier and you can start building zaps using its built-in integration:


Sorry if the query is not clear.

Actually I have signed up on docusign regular account and a developer account.

I am creating templates in docusign developer account.
Now I need to access those templates created via the web interface inside my zapier account by template ID.

But I am not able to access any docusign template here.

Let me know how can we create a connection with docusign.
Thank you!


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@Waqar Ahmad - Thanks for the additional details! It seems to me that it’s more of an issue with DocuSign than with the DocuSign app in Zapier.

Are you able to log into DocuSign using the same credentials you’re trying to use with the Zapier app?