Creating a Foreach Loop in Code by Zapier to create objects from a CSV file

Hi,  I am importing a CSV I get from an email and parsing that CSV, but when I go to add the data as contact records in the Mojo app (a CMS system which by the way doesn’t appear to support line items) I get funky results and errors like State: FL, FL, FL, FL (Failed to add record, state abbreviations must be 2 letters only, yours has 12).  So…  I would like to use Code by Zapier to create a ForEach Loop to overcome this issue.  I want the CSV file to be read but only sent 1 line at a time.  I’m struggling with a way to do this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can write to Google Sheets if absolutely necessary, but I’d rather just do this in code and remove additional dependencies.  I have enough dependencies already.

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