Zapier Webhook not pulling testing data needed from Twilio

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So this is a question in regard to a previous post I had made about: Previous Post Here


I am trying to get Twilio and Zapier to communicate with each other as I need Twilio to send Zapier the sender’s response if they say Yes or No. My biggest issue at this moment of time is that the webhook in Zapier is not able to pull any data to continue my steps needed to handle the data. I am not sure what is different then normal, I have followed the steps needed in the post above but it seems like something isn’t working right. My question is how do I get the webhook to work properly like I need it so that way I can continue my zap.


I will post screenshots and answer questions if needed as I am not sure if this makes any sense.

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So I believe I got the it somewhat working with what I did above, not sure if I am getting the needed info but it as at least showing something in Zapier. My biggest thing now is just getting the phone number from the incoming text and then sorting out the info to do what I need it to do depending on the response and I am not sure how I can do that. 

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I did not know that that was a thing that I needed to do, though it would make sense if it was that since I believe the info is blank. I have them set up as such but I am not sure if I did them correctly.


Key    Value

Yes    {{widgets.Yes_No_Confirmation.body}}

No Clock Out    {{widgets.No_Confirmation_clock_out.body}}

No Clock In    {{widgets.No_Confirmation_clock_in.body}}

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Hi @Alanis P. 

so glad to see you working towards this solution! How do you have your Zapier webhook set up in the Twilio Flow? Be sure to set up all the Http parameters in the Twilio webhook and double check you aren’t sending a blank notification. 

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@Troy Tessalone 


I have tested out the flow by texting it and by the logs it looks like it had sent worked, I have posted some screenshots to show how I have my flow set up as well as the most recent test logs.




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Hi @Alanis P. 

Good question.

Have you tested your Twilio Studio Flow to trigger the webhook to be sent to the Zap trigger step?

Check your Twilio Studio Flow logs for possible errors on that step.