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Zapier Chatbot with GPT 3.5 generates and returns code in any programming language except Groovy

  • 13 September 2023
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We made a fun chatbot for our co-workers using the chatbot function via Zapier interfaces. Now this works fine and actually faster then ChatGPT itzelf (although it is connected to GPT 3.5). 

Now weird thing… you can ask the bot to generate some code for you and it works for every programming langue, but when I ask it for Groovy…. the bot simply breaks and says the following.


Just try it out for yourself…

Ask “Generate me some example in Java” (or .NET, or NodeJs or whatever…)

It works fine, but when you ask the same question but for “Groovy” as programming language…. it simply crashes…

Can this be fixed please? This is clearly a bug on Zapier side... 

Or am I overlooking something? 


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 13 September 2023, 15:53

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Hi @Pieter Chiau 

Good question.

You can try submitting a ticket to the Zapier Interfaces Team:

@Troy Tessalone Good thinking I submitted a ticket! Let’s wait and see! 

I tried ChatGPT and Zapier's chatbot and they were equal and the data was accurate. According to personal opinion.