Zap webhook returned value not passed on the next action.

  • 28 August 2023
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I have an integration that uses a webhook to retrieve data from crm via api and pass it to a following webhook. The problem is that the data is not passed to the next webhook. 
It passes the ID used in the test.
What could be the problem?






1 reply

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Hi @szilvagyi,

At first glance, it looks like you are wanting to take the ID number from step 2 and use it as your query parameter is step 3.  

Is the ID number from step 2 the “input” of the step or the output?  

Your current Step 3 looks like it is mapping from the “output” of step 2.

If that number is the input, then you might need to remap things.


I would also recommend pulling in new trigger information and trying to get that specific example (or one like it) to test out while editing your zap.  Then you can go step by step and see if it should be a different field or just see where it went wrong.


That’s all I can surmise at the moment.  I suggest pulling that trigger info and doing some testing.  If you still have trouble, I recommend providing more context/screenshots of your Zap that would help in the process.

Hope this helps!