Webhook trigger is not pulling test data

  • 28 July 2023
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I’ve configured a Zap using Webhooks in order to connect data from an e-commerce store to Klaviyo. The Zap works as expected, receiving data from the e-commerce store (and the store itself is reporting a response of 200 OK when it publishes to the webhook.) The first Zap I’ve done basically looks like this:

  1. Webhooks by Zapier (catch all from webhook URL)
  2. Filter: Check if webhook is a particular event type (abandoned cart, in this case)
  3. Klaviyo: create abandoned cart event.

The issue I’m having is that I’m now trying to set up a different Zap using the same webhook (duplicated from the first) but the first step (“Webhooks by Zapier”) is refusing to pull any new records. It is only displaying *one* record, which is the same test record I used to configure the first Zap, an abandoned cart event.

I’ve attached a screenshot to show what I mean. As you can see, only one record from July 26th is being displayed. Of course, I’ve refreshed this (“Find New Records”) many times and have waited over 36 hours… but still no new records.

To be clear, the webhook IS receiving data correctly, because this exact webhook is being used in the first zap, and that zap is receiving new data constantly.

Because I’m not getting new records, I’m not able to actually configure and test this zap, since I need to comb through multiple recent events to find one of the right type (“new order”).

SUMMARY: I’m publishing data to Webhooks by Zapier. The data is being published correctly with result 200 OK, and received by one of my Zaps. However, when configuring a new Zap with the same webhook, it is only showing one record, making it impossible to finish configuring & testing the new Zap.

2 replies

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Here’s a trick to fire multiple Zap webhook URLs from 1 URL in a source app.


6. Optional: Trigger multiple Zaps with webhooks

If you have multiple webhooks you want to trigger from the same event in your app, you can combine their URLs into a single URL. For example, if you have three Zaps, the URLs would look like this:

You can take the last part of each URLs and combine them into a single URL like this:,kzXC4,2Ajjn

Requests sent to this URL will trigger all three webhook URLs at once.

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Hi @aaversaisw 

Good question.

Every Zap has a unique webhook URL.

You will need to configure another webhook in your source app.