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Webhook POST for Google form response submission

  • 7 April 2021
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I am trying to a create a zap to push the responses of Microsoft forms to Google form through the POST method of Webhook.

So the trigger is on Microsoft excel for web in which all the responses are stored in real-time. And then the Action has to be Google form response submission. I have another script linked in the Google form which will be triggered only when the Form is submitted. And the Zapier Action for this does not actually submit the form response but rather directly adds the response as a new row in the response sheet.

So I thought so trying out webhook to do achieve this, but sadly I don't know how to use Webhooks. I found a solution online where I can automatically submit a form response with the help of a prefilled URL:

As I don't know my way around webhooks so can someone help me validate this option??


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It’s been a while so @Pallavi has likely already got this all figured out, but in case anyone else is looking for a way to do this, here’s an article that explains how to submit a Google Form response using a webhook:

Hope that helps! :)

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@Pallavi did you still need help with this workflow? And to clarify, sending the Excel data directly into a Google Sheet (where the form responses are being collected) is not an option, correct?


Let us know! 

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Hi @XRay Tech,

Thanks for the clarification and yes I too thought of that workaround. But the script I am trying to trigger is specifically for the Form responses and not for sheet entries. That is why I am looking for a way through Webhooks using the link I shared in my post. That URL allows me to submit an actual form response and Form submission scripts can also be triggered through it.

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Hi @Pallavi,

The reason why the data is going into a gsheet instead of filling out the gform is because that is how google likes to store their form data. Submitting another gform vs adding another row of data will do the same thing.

Since it sounds like you have another automation triggering off of a submission from gforms, another way around this would be to make sure the gform data is linked to a spreadsheet, that will auto populate the responses in the sheet. Then you could adjust the triggering event of the other automation to trigger off of a new row added to that spread sheet. This would allow the microsoft form zap to add another row of data, and the other automation would still trigger.


Hope this helps.