Webhook for Infusionsoft Reporting automation to google

  • 2 December 2020
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Hi I am trying to learn / create some reporting automation between infusionsoft and google sheet. 


Basicly pulling contacts added in a month, total contacts ectra. 

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3 replies

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Another that is closer to what you are wanting is to use the “List Contacts” endpoint.!/Contact/listContactsUsingGET 

order the above by the “date created” created field and then do some parsing of the response and voila! This would definitely be an advanced solution though. If you’re not comfortable implementing it yourself, I would love the opportunity to help build you a custom solution. 

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One option might be to explore creating a saved search for contacts added in the last week, have it emailed weekly, then parse the email for responses, and push to Sheets

I know you requested a monthly report but I think Infusionsoft can only be set up to email reports weekly. 


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Seems like this would be more of a manual task, rather than automated.

Export data from Infusionsoft.

Analyze data in GSheets via formulas.