Valid URL for Google Analytics API Request (beta)

  • 3 August 2023
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I’m trying to use the Google Analytics 4 API Request feature on Zapier as the “Run Report for a property” feature doesn’t seem to tell you when there’s no data available and still goes through with the Zap and I’m unsure of how to stop the Zap from running if there is no data available for a specific time range.


What is the correct URL format for GET request to show anything? I’ve been using the official GA4 documentation and using “property/PROPERTY_ID” only works when using their test feature on the official documentation site.


One thing that I find confusing is having to use “” when on the official documentation it says “” and if I use “analyticsadmin” instead of “analyticsdata” I get this error:


Any advice on a possible fix to the working “Run Report for a property” and pausing Zap if it shows:


Or an example of a working URL on Zapier API would be really helpful. Thanks

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