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Using Zaps to take a triggered even and make it parse to Phabricator for a new task

  • 30 October 2020
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This seems very niche but I have a working system that I would like to simply add to.

Currently, I've a command in a game I've written call a simple Zapier hurl. Lets says, "

When called it posts the name, location, and message to a discord channel. I would like this extended.

What I would, ideally, need is to figure out how Zapier could create a new task in Phabricator manifest titled a unique name of some kind with the context including name, location, and message, and put it on a projects workboard under a specific category and assign users to it.

I feel like this is possible but cannot figure out the proper syntax.

It really is a shame there is no Phabricator integration currently, as it is pretty popular.


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Hi @Josh1207!

I see that you also posted on Stack Overflow then added your own solution. I’m going to add that here, to help anyone else who might come across this thread :)

For those seeking similar, I found a way that worked for me :

  1. I used to help me with Phabricator's interesting requirements.
  2. I went in to conduit / maniphest.edit and used this JSON in the first field to get my desired curl output :
    [{"type":"title", "value":"test title"},{"type":"description", "value":"This is the description."},{"type":"projects.set", "value":["PHID-PROJ-4dufje6oug3liomahstg"]}]
  3. I took the curl it gave me and put it in here : to turn it in to python.
  4. I put the python in to the Zapier python module, replacing text in several places with the variables that Zapier provides.