Update WooCommerce Order with Shipment Meta Data from Shippo

  • 30 June 2021
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I am trying to format and include the meta data for WooCommerce Shipment Tracker into the Update Order action for WooCommerce. I am so close but so far… help!

Metadata coming from WooCommerce when entered correctly into the UI looks like this when I pull it with the WooCommerce Find Order action: 

Up in the header is a meta data item: 

I know this isn’t mine because I left tracking_id blank in my generated array.

There is also a section in meta_data: 

There are a LOT of items in the meta_data section...


28 items in, here’s the actual data. I know this isn’t mine either because I left tracking_id blank in my generated array.

I have gotten to the point where I can get the data from Shippo and I use the Formatter in multiple steps to make something that looks decent when I get to the end (skipping the fields I don’t need):

But now I have problems.  I have tried entering this into WooCommerce and just cannot get it to work correctly.  I have tried entering it this way:

That produces this: 

Taken from the test action
Also taken from the test action

This is what it looks like on my order in WooCommerce: 

The custom field shows up… but this is not right.
On this order it doesn’t know that the tracking number was entered… which means I failed in recreating the meta data the way it needs to be created.

As long as Shipment Tracking doesn’t see the meta data this won’t work… but why isn’t it working?


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Hi @bathgeek,

As documented in Woocommerce website, you need to follow this rule to store information for shipment tracking:


Make sure you produce the data like the order shown in the picture.