Unable to run a GET request

  • 23 April 2023
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I’m making a Zap wherein input is taken from a user on a softr website. This is passed into an Airtable, which is then passes as a prompt into the OpenAI integration for generating an image using Dall E. The returned value from this Zap is a URL. 

I wish to now retrieve the image to which the URL has been returned by OpenAI’s Zap. I’m running a GET request using Webhook, but getting an error (attached ss). Can anyone help me with this? 


Zap flow


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3 replies

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Hi @dhruv564 

The error seems to be saying that you have generated the links few days ago whereas the links expire within a day. So getting a fresh link to the URL field should solve it. And you need to make sure that the links in Zap appear within 24 hours of generation

Hey @robschmidt,

The links are freshly generated by OpenAI. I don’t think they’ll be expired, as it generates fresh links for any new prompt. Is there a way to know whether this is true or not?

Hey @robschmidt, 


I was able to run the query. I’m using Softr as a frontend, and I wish to return this image on the website. How do I do that? Any clue?