SendGrid API Call _ Basic Form [Personalizations Array]

  • 17 February 2023
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Hi everyone,

I started working with SendGrid, and trying to send an email with a basic POST, SendMail request.

Usually, I am experimenting with Postman first and then transfer the result to Zapier once done. I am not a developer and don’t know how to write code - so need that infrastructure.

My issue is that with SendGrid, the API documentation refers to some “Personalizations” which is mentioning Arrays, which I don’t know where and how to write in the standard fields of POST in Zapier.

Usually. I put the authorization, and in the body just complete: Key:Value, Key:Value and so on.

Here, this does not work. It is array, with sub object - I tried a lot of things, even considered writing JSON in Raw form, but I really don’t want to go down that rabbit hole..


Any idea how these fit in the standard forms of Zapier?


Some screenshots for reference..


Thank you in advance,



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Hey @Dori!

I’m no expert developer, but from what I gather you’re going to need to use the Custom Request option in Webhooks by Zapier:


Then go here and look at this:


That’s an example of the format that you would then use here:


It will likely take some playing around with it to get it exactly as you need, but that should get you started :)