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Reddit -> Discord via Webhook not firing, no errors given

  • 29 June 2020
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Hey, I’ve set up a Reddit → Discord via webhook zap that is supposed to fire when a new post is found from certain search terms.

(subreddit:soccer) ( OR OR (Arsenal OR Brighton OR (Manchester City) OR Southampton OR (Manchester United) OR Liverpool OR Everton OR Wolves OR (Crystal Palace) OR (Sheffield United) OR Tottenham OR Spurs OR Leicester OR Villa OR (West Ham) OR Norwich OR Bournemouth OR Burnley OR Watford OR Chelsea OR (Leeds United))

The webhook uses POST to send the following via the Discord webhook API

The following is sent with application/json headers

"embeds": [
"title": "{{Title}}",
"url": "{{PostURL}}",
"description": "\n{{Content}}\n\n",
"color": 28056,
"thumbnail": {
"url": "{{ImageURL}}"
"fields": [
"name": "-",
"value": "Posted at {{PostedAt}} by [{{Author}}]({{Author}})",
"inline": true

Testing the request with the ‘Data test’ successfully sends a blank embed to the discord channel and the zap throws no errors. The Reddit search query works as tested manually on Reddit and is within the character limit, but when a new post matching the query is made, nothing happens.


If there anything I can do to troubleshoot if both the JSON and search query are both fine, and no errors are thrown?


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Hi @joesci have you taken a look at your Task History? Has this zap triggered at all? This will help narrow down the possible issues.  It could be one of the following:

  • The Zap never triggered (double-check that the zap is on and a new post matching that search is posted after it was turned on)
  • The Zap triggered and is marked as success (we’d need to look into the Discord portion of this zap)
  • The Zap triggered and is marked as something other than success (delay, failed, etc) 

If it was never triggered, and indeed the zap was turned on while a post matching the search happened I would do some testing like duplicate the zap, change the trigger on the second zap to be something more simple (still a reddit search, but just something more simple like )  to make sure that individual aspects of your search are working. (I would change this zap to email myself while in testing mode, to verify which search aspects work and which do not.