Moving Zap changes from test to production - changing the connection deletes all mappings

  • 25 July 2023
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We are using zappier for integration between 2 third party systems. 

For internal processes our workflow during development would be:

  • Modify the code in our Test environment.
  • Ensure the test code works with test settings and credentials
  • Build the test code etc...
  • Deploy the tested code to production with production settings and credentials


I was assuming that I would be able to do something similar with zappier

  • Modify a test zappier connected to test accounts
  • Copy over the zappier
  • Change the connections to production accounts


However changing the connections on the copied zap deletes all mappings - which negates all the testing work.

I thought that perhaps sharing my zap would allow me to change the connections - but I have a “code by zappier” which is pretty integral to my zap and it will not allow me to share because of it.


 The only thing I can think of at this point is to have my code live in a lambda and use a webhook step to call in and maintain 2 zaps - one pointing at the test lambda and the test connections and another pointing at the production lambda and the production settings and “go live” by deploying to production.

But that leaves me with having to manually change any mappings between environments


Is there any functionality built into zappier that I'm overlooking? This seems to be a pretty fundamental pattern in development




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Hi @logsmpwer 

Good question.

Unfortunately when changing app accounts in a Zap step you will have to remap the variables and set other static options.

For now, only when updating between Zap app versions (older to new) will the existing mappings be kept in a Zap step.