Klaviyo - Custom Profile Properties not included in "Subscribed to List" Trigger

  • 12 October 2023
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EDIT: Sorry, I got the trigger name wrong in the title of this thread.

Have the Klaviyo triggers been updated to use the latest API endpoints?

I’ve noticed that the “Profile added to Klaviyo List” trigger no longer returns all Profile Properties, only standard properties. This is very inconvenient - not sure if this is something Zapier can adjust or if we just need a new trigger?

Workarounds would be:

  • Create an event/metric with the data that you need in other platforms as event parameters.
    • But this means you need a way fire a webhook to create the event (which you can do via Flow, but it assumes everyone knows how to do this) or another custom method
  • Use an extra task to find the Klaviyo profile using the Email Address
    • Annoying that you’d now need to use an extra task to achieve something that previously you only used one.

The latter looks like this:


And to give an example of the change in data structure within the “Profile added to Klaviyo List” trigger:

  • Original: 


  • Current: 

What endpoint is this trigger using to display the Klaviyo profile data now?

I assume that this change only impacts newly created Klaviyo triggered Flows and not existing? Although they’ll need to be transitioned next year….

Anyone else found this and have any feedback?

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