Is there a way to use the 'Queue Zap' and skip some other Zap runs with some filters?

  • 4 September 2023
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We have a special situation and are curious if there is a workaround to reduce the amount of zap runs.

An external party sends out a webhook, with a lot of information about a deal.
Zapier does trigger on this webhook. 95% of the time it's only a 1 time trigger, but sometimes this deal is updated continously in the first 60 minutes. This can be as much as like 50 times. 
If this is the case (like say 50 times) actually only the last trigger contains all the info we need. 

We could trigger this zap for 50 times and update the deal with all the new information, but this is somehow a overload on information where we know the first 49 times that this is somehow a waste of using of the resources. 

We know there is an option to set a queue for zap runs if the other has been passed, but this is only postpone all the runs after the first one - and is not ideal for this job.
Is there a way to hold this first run - wait for about an hour - see if there are any other webhooks in the queue (that are filtered with the same DEAL ID?) - and then only run the last webhook and kill all the others?


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2 replies

Hi @Troy Tessalone - there is no way for us to know that the 'last’ update is done. So I guess logging would be a valid point, but as I can see that also cost a lot of Zap power and also is another dependency so I guess this would not be a logical solution as well. 

I thought maybe there was a zapier function for this, but as I can understand of your reaction this function does not exist.

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Hi @Svenski 

Good question.

What data point in the data payload indicates the Deal has done being updated?

If there is a data point, then you can use a Filter as Step 2.

Otherwise, you’d have to log all these webhook requests to check against. (e.g. GSheet, Airtable)