How to setup a webhook that triggers a 2nd zap?


I’m adding order information to a database using zaps from Shipstation.

Because the triggers are different (new order / new line item) I can’t just add actions to the 1 zap.

I’m currently using delays to order the zaps, but it doesn’t always work. This is my current set up


  • Trigger NEW ORDER
  • Action send order number (& details) to order table


  • Trigger NEW LINE ITEM
  • Delay (wait 1 min)
  • Action send line details to line item table & link to order number (from zap 1)

I’ve read that adding a webhook to the end of zap 1 can trigger zap 2, but despite reading lots of articles, I can’t figure it out.

Could someone explain in dummy language / add a diagram of what I need to put where to get a webhook in zap 1 to just trigger zap 2?


I’d be very grateful!

Many thanks, Sarah

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Another thing to check to better understand how the Zaps are processing is the Zap Runs history details which includes timestamps for when each Zap step runs:

Thanks for your time. I’ll try changing the delay.


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See my additional comments about about the Zap steps logic.


So is there no way to use webhooks to at the end of zap 1 to trigger zap 2 then?

Not in this case, since the data points you need come from different Zap triggers, so you can’t chain Zaps together.

Ahh I hadn’t thought about it from that end.

So is there no way to use webhooks to at the end of zap 1 to trigger zap 2 then?

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Try adding a longer Delay to the Items Zap (e.g. 5 minutes) to give the Order Zap enough time to trigger and process.

Sounds like the ShipStation triggers are firing at different times, perhaps simultaneously, perhaps sequentially (order then items, items > order).


Otherwise, you’ll have to rework the Zap logic to add more steps to do more checks such as

Action: Airtable - Find/Create Record

Action: Filter

Action: Airtable - Update Record


The above logic would do the check for the Order record.

If the Order Zap processes first, then it would Create a new record and Filter out.

If the Item Zap processes first, then it would Create a new Order record, for which when the Order Zap triggers after would find then update the Order record.


NOTE: Both Zap triggers are listed as instant.


I’ve doubled checked and it is all set up as above - and linked correctly.

It works MOST of the time, but sometimes (some sort of delay somewhere) causes zap 2 to action before zap 1, causing duplicate order records.

The issue with the ORDER ID field in Airtable, is that despite it being linked, if ZAP 2 can not find an order record to link to (because it runs before zap 1) it creates a new record.

Then when zap 1 runs, it creates another record.

Ideally I’d set the ORDER ID field in airtable to not allow duplicates, however this isn’t possible.

So instead of depending on the delay feature, I thought it would work better if I could set it so Zap 2 ONLY runs after zap 1 has!



Thank you, I’ll give that a go!

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Give this a try…


Make sure you the a Link field to connect the 2 Tables in Airtable:


Zap 1 - Orders

  1. Trigger: ShipStation - New Order
  2. Action: Airtable - Create Record
    1. Table: Orders

NOTE: Make sure your Order ID is the Key left-most field in your Order table


Zap 2 - Items

  1. Trigger: ShipStation - Item Ordered (this should include the Order ID)
  2. Action: Delay - For (1 minute)
  3. Action: Airtable - Create Record (map the Order ID to the Link field for Order ID)
    1. Table: Items


Otherwise, please provide screenshots with how your Airtable Base Tables are configured along with how your Zap steps are currently configured, thanks.

Thanks for the reply Troy. Yes I am using Airtable! :-)

Also (if it helps) The reason I need a delay with the order lines, is if the order record hasn’t already been created, it just creates a duplicate order record with the same order number) …


Thanks for your time.

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Hi @SarahMonkey 

What database app are you using in the Zaps? (e.g. Airtable)