How to push and create a spreadsheet row(s) in google sheet only if a value is present?

  • 21 September 2022
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I have set up a catch hook in webhooks by zapier from our ecommerce store to a google sheet (Create Spreadsheet Row(s)) and in between created a filter action to only continue if a variable exactly matches a specific name. The problem is that with our ecommerce store users can buy different products at once and the way it is pushing to the google sheet is that if that value exists, it pushes all of the other values too. But what I basically want to do is to only push to the google sheet rows that contain the filter and to disregard everything else. I thought of adding a second action filter and a second spreadsheet row(s) in google sheet but it is still pushing all the variables that if the filter exists, pushes everything into the google sheet. How can I get through this? 


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2 replies

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Hi @Eduardo13 

Good question.

Try using the Looping app to handle 1+ line items:

Within the Looping app you can add the Filter step.

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Hey @Eduardo13 Were you able to try out Looping as Troy suggested? How are things going? Anything we can lend a hand with?