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How to pull Python code from a GitHub and reformat it for Google Sheets?

  • 14 February 2022
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Disclaimer: I am not a coder...I've tried researching how to do this on my own, but I'm too far out of my wheelhouse to figure it out. So, I'm hoping someone can show me how to use the Python actions inside of Zapier to automate a repetitive task.

The Goal:

I want to be able to pull the data of "new move-ins" to the area from my church's website (name, address, phone, etc) and have it put into a Google Sheet, so I can keep track of efforts to welcome them. I know how to set up everything in the Zap, except for the Python actions that pull the data from the site and then formats it the way I need it for the spreadsheet.

Someone has already coded a way to pull the info I want using Python, and posted it on GitHub here:

It says: To Install, Run:

pip3 install lcr-api


from lcr import API as LCR


months = 5
move_ins = lcr.members_moved_in(months)

for member in move_ins:
print("{}: {}".format(member['spokenName'], member['textAddress']))

This is the church website, and this is the specific move-in report I want to pull from--both of which are password protected (my login info gives me access).

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The current Zap configuration I am using is: "Schedule by Zapier" > "Get by Zapier" > "Code by Zapier (Run Python)" > "Google Sheets"

The problem is that, as I said, I am not a coder, so I am at a loss as to how I should be implementing the code from GitHub within Zapier to get the result I want.

I have tried putting different combinations of the GitHub code into the "Get by Zapier" and "Code by Zapier" actions, but I always just get: "Syntax Error in Code" & "No Data in Mapped Fields"

For reference, this is what the data looks like on the original site: Members Moved-In Report

I'd like to pull all of the info points from the site (name, age, move in date, household position, gender, address, phone) into their own columns in the Google Sheet--as it is all potentially useful when welcoming people to the area.

My question is how do I structure the "Get by Zapier" and "Code by Zapier" actions to get that result?

I welcome any questions and appreciate the help!


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ok thanks! Appreciated looks. 

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Hey @kialikhon4e4, welcome to the Community!

Unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to install that external library (pip module) from GitHub using a Code by Zapier step - Limitations with Code steps

If your church’s website has a public API then you’d be able to set up a GET request using a Webhooks by Zapier step to search for the desired information. You can find out more about working with webhooks in Zapier here:

Hope that helps to point you in the right direction! :slight_smile: