How to create subitems using API?

  • 9 January 2022
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I’m sure someone has already done this before.


I’m have a board where the purchase order is the main item and then each SKU/Product within that purchase order is a subitem. 

My trigger zap is from a purchase order inside of quickbooks and the subitems exist as line items inside of quickbooks so this should be pretty straightforward field mapping.

It doesn’t appear that Monday’s Zapier build supports the creation of subitems. If this is correct does anyone know how to do this via webhook using Mondays API docs?

I’m pretty strong with Zapier but not so much with navigating the API docs.


Any help appreciated!

3 replies

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Hi @Chris VanderValk 

Consider hiring a Zapier Expert for help with the Monday API to create Subitems:

That's not a very helpful answer respectfully…


It's not complex but a simple put function.. Just need to see someone who's done it. Isn't that kind of the purpose of trying the community first?

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@Chris VanderValk

The Monday API uses GraphQL which is a bit different syntax wise than regular REST APIs.


The Monday API has documentation how to use cURL (aka POST Request) to Create a Subitem via the POST options for the Webhooks app: