How do I use the Squarespace forms API with Webhooks?

  • 9 April 2022
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I am finding it impossible to find data on the net regarding tutorials for this subject. Solutions that I thought were going to be easy like Mongodb are near impossible because for some reason or another, the developers for Mongodb, or, Zapier, haven’t gotten around to updating their code. They still are a version behind, from my understanding. I’ve been combing around for hours and I have not found a solution. I don’t need someone to tell me everything to do, but, this is new to me, and, I would really like it if there was really helpful documentation out there, like, there seems to be with so many other products. Thank you! 

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3 replies

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Can you elaborate on what issues you are having with configuring the Zap?

Please provide screenshots with how your Zap steps are currently configured in order for us to have more context, thanks.

@Troy Tessalone that documentation seems to be very limited. I am asking for a way to send POST data from forms to a database. I do not consider Google Sheets to be a database, and, I am having issues with the Squarespace and MongoDB integration. 

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Hi @Zap355555 

Good question.

The Squarespace API is a premium feature:

  • Forms API (for Zapier integration) is available on Business and Commerce plans.

Help article from SS:

Help articles for SS Zap: