How do I convert raw text into a .srt file?

  • 15 October 2023
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Hey all,
I have a video to transcribe which I have input into via an API request and they output the raw text, structured in SRT format (screenshot attached)

My next step is to store the output as a .srt file in Cloudinary so that I can use the subtitles on a video.
My issue is that I don’t know how to store this raw output as a .srt file.

Other transcription services I’ve used output a temporary URL to the .srt file, which I can upload directly to Cloudinary, Google Drive etc. to be used on a video, but Sonix doesn’t do this. Unfortunately I have to use Sonix for this implementation because they offer features that the other services don’t offer.

How can I store this raw text output as a .srt file?

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