How do I cancel a subscription of a student in Teachable?

My main problem is that I use the bundle feature on teachable and I think there is no way to tell Zapier to uneroll a student from a bundle with the current not updated API of teachable.


So I was trying to find a way that after a trigger (a cancel subscription event from woocommerce) I tell Zapier to cancel the free subscription that the student is in (because I let them join for “free” in teachable but they paid with another system outside it).


So there is a way via webhook/API call to cancel a subscription?


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Hey there @Rukaiko! 👋

Hmm, looking at Teachable’s API it seems that it’s only possible to remove a user from a single course at a time, not multiple courses in the bundle. So I don’t think it’s going to be possible to set up a webhook that would allow you to remove the user’s subscription to a specific bundle.

If you’re looking to remove the user from all courses within the bundle, perhaps you could use multiple Unenroll Student From Course by Email or Unenroll Student From Course by ID actions in the Zap to remove the user from each course in the specific bundle. You’d need to set up different Zaps for each bundle (if you have multiple bundles with different courses) but do you think that approach could work?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your answer SamB!

That is exactly what I am doing right now, but the problem is even if I unenroll each course (and I have a lot of courses in each bundle), the students still remain subscribed to the bundle and they can’t buy again a subscription because they are already into that bundle but now with 0 courses!

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Ah, thanks for clarifying that @Rukaiko!

I’ve checked through Teachable’s API documentation again and it definitely doesn’t look like there’s any endpoint available that would allow you to remove a user from a bundle so that they can purchase it again later.

I would suggest reaching out to Teachable to flag up the need to be able to remove users from bundles via their API.

Until Teachable add that capability into their API it seems like you’d need to manually remove the user from the bundle when they cancel the subscription in WooCommerce. Sorry to not have a better solution to suggest here but I can’t think of a more automated one at this time.

Please do report back on how you get on. If we come across any potential workarounds for this in the meantime we’ll be sure to share them here! 🙂