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GoogleAds Lead Link

  • 23 March 2020
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Hi I’m recieving a webhook from a lead link in GoogleAds: 

Now I need to extract the “user_column_data” as usable data. Such as: 

User_column_data : User Phone:+1234567


                                 First Name:Firstname



This is so I can use it to send in a post message. 


Anyone that has any idea?





Best answer by Karl 25 March 2020, 16:09

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3 replies

Same question for me Karl. Was trying if it's working out with this tutorial. 

 You need to make an extra step in formatter. I gave it a few shots, but since the output is also with enters, I don't manage to select the right data.

Maybe the tutorial will help you.

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Hi @Karl and @GetForward

It sounds like you need a code step to get the data in the format that you need, so I’m going to move this post to the Developer Discussion section of the Community to see if someone can help you out there. 

@ikbelkirasan Are you able to help with this one?

Actually, I found the “Google Lead Form extension” app which did the trick for me. Would be good though to know how to extract “column data” from my use case for the future though. 

@GetForward will help you if you encountered this for Google Ads  Lead links.