Google workspace account creation errors

  • 19 September 2023
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I have a zap that is suppose to provision a Google Workspace account for me via a Webhook, and due to the service we are using, the webhook is triggered several times, at the same time, for one user. I know this would be how to fix it but we are not in control. What is happen is, the Google account is being created successfully the first time, and then every subsequent time, it fails because the user already exists (duh) but the rest of the Zap keeps running (sends emails, does some other stuff) that we dont want. So a new user is sent a new onboarding email multiple times. I have added a find Google workspace account step first to prevent further execution if found but it comes back negative each time (maybe cause they are being fired all at the same time). I’ve also tried adding a delay queue to the beginning to space them 5 mins apart hoping the next run it would find the account and stop it. None of this is working.


How do I prevent a zap from keeping on running if a step errors? Or why dies my find step for a google workspace always come back false, even though they exist and it errors on the next step when trying to create due to duplicates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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