Google Analytics 4 API Request: Successful test, but event is not counted in GA4 (404 status code).

  • 22 June 2023
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Hello guys!

I am using GA4 App API Request Action in Zapier to send a Custom Event to Google Analytics 4.

I followed the documentation suggested while building the zap  

I have added the request URL and Property ID along with the JSON Body as you can see the images attached.

When I test the Zap it shows successful but status code is 404 and that event is not getting counted in GA4 

Can anyone please help?


@Troy Tessalone


2 replies

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GA4 Endpoint:


Error is likely due to the curly brackets.



@Troy Tessalone can you explain me what this would do if it works? Does it just pushes a +1 of a certain event to GA4? It doesn’t stitch that event data to GA4 session data right?

Curious to know if this would work using GA4 measurement protocol in which you can add GA4 session ID, GA4 cookie etc. do do just that. That is something powerful I think a lot of users are waiting for.

Do you know if someone is working on a solution to have ‘send an event via measurement protocol’ as one of the standard actions of the GA4 app? Any workaround that works until then?