From Dripify to Google Sheets

  • 16 October 2023
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I’m trying to make a zap so that when someone accepts a LinkedIn invitation and it’s updated in Dripify, it will update a Google sheet I have of people that I’m sending invitations to.


I want it to add update a cell to say “yes” under the column where I’m keeping track of this (Column i) in the row that has the LinkedIn URL that matches the person that just accepted. Is it possible to update one cell, or can you only create an entirely new row? 


If it’s possible, how can I have it update the correct row? I’ve attached a screenshot of my spreadsheet for context, and the current zap I’m messing around with.


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3 replies

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There would need to be a value from Step 1 to use to lookup the matching row in Step 2 to then update in Step 3.

Thank you, @Troy Tessalone!


I think this is where I’m running into the issue. I added a search step to update the row in the Google sheet, but now I’m not sure what the Lookup Column and Lookup Value should be in the search step to get it to identify the correct row that needs to be updated. Hopefully this makes sense!

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Hi @akc3318 

Good question.

To update a GSheet row, you will need to map the Row/ID value from Step 2 to Step 3.